Closed Investigations

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Aircraft Model:
Date Title Aircraft Model Location Final Report
2002/05/25China Airlines Flight CI611 747-200 aircraft accidentBoeing B747-200MaKung/oceanCI611_Report_English_VOL_2.pdf
2002/01/25China Airlines Flight CI011 tookoff from a taxiway at the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport, Anchorage, Alaska.Airbus Industrie A340Anchorage/Anchorage
2001/11/20Eva Airway Flight BR316 MD-11 Hard landing in CKS AirportBoeing MD11Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport/CKS Airport
2001/09/21Mandarin Airlines Flight AE737 Fokker 50 , was hit by an MD-90 aircraft pushing back for repositioning to a newly assigned parking bay.Fokker FK50Taipei International Airport/SUNG SHAN AIRPORT
2001/09/03Emerald Pacific Airlines B31135 Bell 206 crash at a field while en route of insulator washing task of electrical power cableBell Helicopter Bell-206B-3Taichung/field
2001/01/15UNI Airways Flight 695 DASH-8-300 Accident InvestigationBombardier DASH-8-300Kinmen Airport/Shangyi Airport
2000/10/31Mandarin Airlines Flight AE838 737-800 land on runway 05L and run into the grass of the right hand side of the runway.Boeing B737-800Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport/CKS Airport
2000/10/31Singapore Airlines,Flight SQ006 747-400 entered the incorrect runway at Chiang- Kai-Shek(CKS) Airport, TaiwanBoeing B747-400Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport/CKS AirportSQ006_ENG.pdf
2000/08/24UNI Airways Flight 815 MD-90 Runway excursion after landing at rainy dayBoeing MD-90Kaohsiung International Airport/Kaohsiung International Airport
2000/05/08China Airlines Flight CI681 A300-600R the captain had suddenly incapacitation during flight.Airbus Industrie A300B4-600Rheading for Ho-chiming City/in the airCI681Eng.pdf