Closed Investigations

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Aircraft Model:
Date Title Aircraft Model Location Final Report
2007/09/15Ultralight Vehicle 0915 RAPID 200 Flight OccurrenceUltra Light Rapid 200Fenyuan, Changhua County/field
2007/08/22Far Eastern Air Transport flight EF-185, during landing, touch down at outside of the runway then veer into runway.Boeing MD80Magong Airport/Runway 20
2007/06/30Ultralight Vehicle 0630 RANS S-6 Flight OccurranceUltra Light RANS S-6Guanshan, Taitung County/field
2007/02/03Ultralight Vehicle 0203 Quick Silver Sport 2S OccurrenceUltra Light Quicksilver Sport 2SJhong-Pu, Chiayi County/field
2006/11/16Four passengers suffered serious injury during a TCAS RA maneuvering on FEA306 , Boeing 757 aircraftBoeing B757-20099NM south of the Jeju Island, Korea/in the air EF306_report_eng.pdf
2006/07/14The Occurrence of Far Eastern Air Transport Flight EF066 made an excursion from Runway 10 of Taipei/Sungshan Airport during landing roll.Boeing MD83Taipei International Airport/Runway 10
2006/05/11Korean Air flight KE 691 cabin pressure malfunction at cruise attitude FL320Airbus Industrie A30030 NM South of SALMI, R576,Taipei/in the airKE691_report_en.pdf
2006/01/13Ultralight Vehicle 0113 Quicksilver Sport 2S OccurrenceUltra Light Quicksilver Sport 2SChung-Pu, Chiayi County/field
2005/12/09Corporate Jets, Inc., operated BOMBARDIER BD700 Type Aircraft, Nationality mark & registration number N998AM, Runway Excursion at Kaohsiung International Airport On 09 December, 2005Bombardier BD700Kaohsiung International Airport/09 runwayN998AM_Report_en.pdf
2005/11/07National Airborne Service Crops (NASC) NA-603, while the main rotors were approaching to full stop, the rod end of the aft red lead-leak blade damper broke and hit the left-upper side of the fuselage.Boeing B234Taitung Airport/TAITUNG/FENGNINE AIRPORT (RCFN)