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Closed Investigations

Date Title Aircraft Model Location Final Report
2018/12/05National Airborne Service Corps, Ministry of the Interior NA-106 OccurrenceEurocopter AS365N3Keelung City/11 nm West of Pengjia Islet, Keelung City 
2018/11/04National Airborne Service Corps NA-104 OccurrenceEurocopter AS365N2RCKH/approx. SW 6 nautical miles 
2018/09/14PM1052 Ultra-light Vehicle OccurrenceUltra Light PM1052-/Approximately 21 nm North of RCKU 
2018/09/020902 Powered paraglider OccurrenceUltra Light THRUST HP MSanshing Township/24nm southeast by Runway of RCSS 
2018/08/22Mandarin Airlines AE788 OccurrenceAvions De Transport Regional ATR72-600Taichung Airport/ runway 36 
2018/07/09APEX Flight Academy AFA72 OccurrenceDiamond DA-40NGRCKH/approx. SW 11 miles 
2018/07/080708Skylark IIS Ultra-light Vehicle OccurrenceUltra Light Skylark IIS./Approximately 10 nm South West of RCYU 
2018/04/23Daily Air DA7012 runway excursion at landing rollViking Air DHC-6-400Kaohsiung International Airport/Runway 09 
2018/03/15Aerospace Industrial Development Corporation B-20001 OccurrenceIAI Astra-SPXTaichung Airport/RWY36 
2018/02/05NASC NA-706 OccurrenceSikorsky UH-60-/Approximately 2 nm South west of RCLY