Closed Investigations

Date: ~
Aircraft Model:
Date Title Aircraft Model Location Final Report
2017/06/30NASC NA-703 OccurrenceSikorsky UH-60-/Approximately 8 nm north west of RCMQ
2017/04/13Daily Air Corp. DA7511 Occurrence InvestigationViking Air DHC-6-400Lanyu Airport/Runway
2017/03/110311Storch ultralight vehicle occurrenceUltra Light STORCH S500 LSA-/In a farmland besides the end of a private aerodrome in Pito Township, Changhua
2016/12/07China Airlines CI027 OccurrenceBoeing B737-800-/Approximately 45 miles off the coast of the Philippines
2016/11/17AJ2666 Ultra-light vehicle occurrenceUltra Light Remos GXPingtung County Gaushu Township/Airfield Saijia
2016/10/01China Airlines CI704 OccurrenceAirbus Industrie A330-300Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport/Runway
2016/07/24TransAsia Airways GE367 OccurrenceAirbus Industrie A320-232Approximately 90 nm north of RCQC/
2016/05/06V-Air ZV 252 occurrenceAirbus Industrie A321-200enroute/about 306km NE from Taoyuan International Airport
2016/05/05APEX Flight Academy DA-40NG OccurrenceDiamond DA-40NGTaitung Airport/Runway
2016/04/17China Airlines CI025 OccurrenceBoeing B737-800in the air/Inflight about 150 nm north western from PGUM.