Closed Investigations

Date: ~
Aircraft Model:
Date Title Aircraft Model Location Final Report
2015/11/22Emerald Pacific Airlines B-31127 OccurrenceBell Helicopter 206B3-/Hills 8 nm SW of RCSS
2015/11/07National Airborne Service Corps NA-302 OccurrenceBeechcraft Super King Air 350Taichung Airport/Runway
2015/06/210621Hawk Ultralight Vehicle OccurrenceHawk ARROW IIPingtung County Gaushu Township/Koushe River
2015/04/16Roc Aviation Company B-68802 OccurrenceBritten Norman BN-2B-20Taitung Airport/In the air
2015/03/16PA2002 Ultralight Vehicle OccurrenceRans S-6 COYOTE IIDapeng Bay/Lagoon
2015/02/05Daily Air Corporation DA7507 OccurrenceDornier Do 228Lanyu Airport/Runway
2015/02/04TransAsia Airways GE235 Flight OccurrenceAvions De Transport Regional ATR72-6005.4km ESE of RCSS end of RWY 10/ASC-AOR-16-06-001 EN.pdf
2014/12/21Daily Air Corporation B-55565 OccurrenceDornier Do 228Taitung Airport/Runway
2014/12/18Emerald Pacific Airlines B-31019 OccurrenceBell Helicopter 206in the air/25 metters away from the power tower
2014/09/20Mandarin Airlines AE 964 Flight OccurrenceEMBRAER ERJ-190Taichung Airport/Runway