Closed Investigations

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Aircraft Model:
Date Title Aircraft Model Location Final Report
2014/06/16Far Eastern Air Transport flight FE 061, Runway Overran During LandingBoeing MD82Kinmen Airport/Runway
2014/05/18Taitung County government B-00008 hot air balloon flight occurrenceCAMERON C-90Yong′an Village, Luye Township, Taitung County/open ground
2014/04/11China Airlines flight CI 7916, cabin fire/smoke during cruiseBoeing B737-800470 KM north western from VTBS/in the air
2014/03/31China Airlines CI 6416 Flight OccurrenceBoeing B747-400FTaiwan Taoyuan International Airport/Runway
2014/03/25Executive Aviation Taiwan Corp. Hawker 400XP Flight OccurrenceHawk 400XPMatsu Beigan Airport/Runway
2013/10/16Sunrise Airlines B-77009 Helicopter OccurrenceMBB/Kawasaki BK117 B-2mountain/about 175 meters NE of Yushan Weather Station
2013/09/08China Airlines Flight CI 5621 Flight OccurrenceBoeing B747-400F76KM SW from RCQC/in the air
2013/07/01TransAsia Airways Flight GE 5111 Flight OccurrenceAvions De Transport Regional ATR72-212A3.97NM SSE from RCSS/in the air
2013/06/03China Airlines Flight CI 781 Flight OccurrenceAirbus Industrie A330-300150NM NE from VVTS/in the air
2012/09/13EVA Airways BR189 OccurrenceAirbus Industrie A330-300Taipei International Airport/Runway