Closed Investigations

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Aircraft Model:
Date Title Aircraft Model Location Final Report
2012/08/30ROC Aviation Company BN-2 OccurrenceBritten Norman BN-2B-26100KM SW from RCYU/mountain
2012/08/24China Airlines Flight CI 947 Flight OccurrenceAirbus Industrie A330-300Hong Kong/155NM NE
2012/08/17Mandarin Airlines Flight AE 369 OccurrenceEMBRAER ERJ-190Magong Airport/Runway
2012/08/12China Airlines Flight CI680 Flight OccurrenceAirbus Industrie A330-300Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport/Runway
2012/05/16Far Eastern Air Transport Flight FE025 OccurrenceBoeing MD82Magong Airport/Runway
2012/05/02TransAsia Airways Flight GE 515 OccurrenceAvions De Transport Regional ATR72-212A4KM East from RCSS/in the air
2012/03/25EVA Airways BR702, B747-400, B-16411, loss of atuo cabin pressure control during climbingBoeing B747-40047 nm NE from RCTP/in the air
2011/09/210921 STORCH Ultra-light Vehicle OccurrenceUltra Light STORCH S500 LSAFenyuan, Changhua County/
2011/06/28Uni Air Flight B7 642 OccurrenceBombardier DASH-8-300Tainan Airport/Runway
2011/05/21NA-511Flight OccurrenceBell Helicopter UH-1Htraining field/training field