Closed Investigations

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Aircraft Model:
Date Title Aircraft Model Location Final Report
2011/05/12UNI Airways (BR) 806, a MD-90 Flight OccurrenceBoeing MD-90Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport/Runway
2011/03/06Ultra-light aircraft GT-400 accidentUltra Light Quicksilver GT-400a farm at No.5-3, Sinan, Cigu Dist., Tainan City./field
2011/02/26EVA Air passenger flight BR757, A330-203, B-16303, veered off the runway while attempting a landing in foggy conditionsAirbus Industrie A330-203Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport/runway
2010/12/29EVA Air passenger flight BR61, A330-203, B-16312, dual bleed loss and de-pressurization during en Route.Airbus Industrie A330-203Near Simferopol International Airport/in the air
2010/09/02EVA Airways (BR) 701, a 747-400 Flight OccurrenceBoeing B747-400Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport/runway 24
2010/03/20Ultralight Vehicle 0320AEROS powered Trike occurrence investigation.Ultra Light AEROSTaichung County/river
2010/03/04China Airlines (CAL) Flight CI 5233 B747-400 Cargo was landed at Taoyuan International Airport. The airplane was carried out ground inspection, belly skins were subject to substantial damage.Boeing B747-400Anchorage/airport
2009/08/11One National Airborne service Corps’s helicopter crashed near San-De-Men village, Ping-Don County.Bell Helicopter UH-1HPing-Don County./mountain
2009/07/10Sunrise Airlines helicopter B-77088 crashed one nautical mile off shore of Kinmen airport.MBB/Kawasaki BK117river/river
2009/06/06The occurrence of Japan Airlines Flight 653 encountered cabin fire from passenger seat during approaching to Taiwan Taoyuan International AirportBoeing B767-300ERTaiwan Taoyuan International Airport/Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport