Closed Investigations

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Aircraft Model:
Date Title Aircraft Model Location Final Report
2009/02/04Uni Airways flight B7 652, Suffered Engine Fire Warning during TakeOffDE HAVILLAND Dash8-300Magong Airport/MaKong Aiprort
2009/01/03Ultralight Vehicle 0103 Air Creation Flight OccurrenceUltra Light Air CreationGaoshu Township, Pingtung County/field
2008/10/02China Airlines (CAL) Flight CI641, a 747-400,encountered turbulence during cruising at an altitude of 40,000 feet at 128NM north east of Bangkok International Airport.Boeing B747-400N14.9304, E102.5232/in the air
2008/09/20China Airlines (CAL) Flight CI 687 B747-400 encountered turbulence on route M754 at FL 370.Boeing B747-400N11﹑29738°, E116﹑43448°/in the air
2008/09/14Cathay Pacific Airways flight CX521, an A330-300 aircraft,. A/C dispatch with bleed Eng 1 secured closed and ops procedures per MEL.Airbus Industrie A330TAIWAN, REPUBLIC OF CHINA/in the air ASC-AOR-10-08-002 EN.pdf
2008/07/11National Airborne Service Crops (NASC) NA-518 occurrenceBell Helicopter UH-1HHualien County, Taiwan (R.O.C.)/training field
2008/05/24The B-77008 helicopter of Sunrise Airlines ferry flight crashed at the side of runway 06 of Kinmen/Shangyi Airport during landingMBB/Kawasaki BK117Kinmen Airport/SHANGYI
2008/04/15UNI Air Flight B7901 Bursted Tire During Rotating on RWY 06 of TaoYuan Intl. Airport.Boeing MD-90-30Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport/RWY06
2008/02/23EVA Airways Flight BR67 had smoke came out of the sidewall of cabin during passengers disembarking at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International AirportBoeing B747-400Bangkok/Airport
2008/01/19National Airborne Service Corps. NA-508 Occurrence InvestigationBell Helicopter UH-1HMaintain area about 18 nautical miles northwest of the Fengnin Airport (RCFN)/valley