Closed Investigations

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Date Title Aircraft Model Location Final Report
2005/12/09Corporate Jets, Inc., operated BOMBARDIER BD700 Type Aircraft, Nationality mark & registration number N998AM, Runway Excursion at Kaohsiung International Airport On 09 December, 2005Bombardier BD700Kaohsiung International Airport/09 runwayN998AM_Report_en.pdf
2005/11/07National Airborne Service Crops (NASC) NA-603, while the main rotors were approaching to full stop, the rod end of the aft red lead-leak blade damper broke and hit the left-upper side of the fuselage.Boeing B234Taitung Airport/TAITUNG/FENGNINE AIRPORT (RCFN)
2005/10/30Ultra Light Aircraft C42B Occurrence at Chia-Yei Shian, Mei-Hsan Shiang, on Oct., 30, 2005Ultra Light C42BChia-Yei/mountain
2005/09/02Uni Airways Flight B7 660 scraped its left wing tips on Runway 27 of Kaohsiung International Airport during first landing go around.Boeing MD-90Kaohsiung International Airport/Runway 27
2005/07/19TransAsia Airways Flight GE028 ATR72-212A as taxied on Taxiway CC after landing, the aircraft’s right wing hit the flood light pole and stoppedAvions De Transport Regional ATR72Taipei International Airport/TAIPEI SUNGSHAN AIRPORT (RCSS)
2005/03/28EVA Airways Flight BR2196 A330-200 encountered turbulence during descent at an altitude of 34,500 FTAirbus Industrie A330-203The High Seas Passing MJE VOR Near Tokyo, Japan/in the air
2005/03/20Ultra Light Aircraft HawkII Occurrence at Chia Yei city, Rei Yei Lake, 3,20,2006Ultra Light Hawk IIWu-Lai, Taipei/mountain
2005/02/07China Airlines (CAL) Flight CI150D A300-600R encountered turbulence on route M750 at an altitude of 33,000 feetAirbus Industrie A300B4-600ROn Route M750 Between Point MADOG And Point JAKAL/in the air
2004/10/18TransAsia Airways Flight 536 A320 Runway Overrun During Landing On Taipei Sungshan AirportAirbus Industrie A320-232Taipei International Airport/Runway 10GE536_Report_en.pdf
2004/08/24Far Eastern Air Transport Flight EF182 MD-82 aircraft ran off the runway during decelerationBoeing MD82Taipei International Airport/Runway