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Closed Investigations

Date Title Aircraft Model Location Final Report
1999/04/21Daily Air B-55502 Kawasaki BK117-B1 helicopter ferry flight crashed on obstacle in instrument meteorological conditionMBB/Kawasaki BK117 B-1Ruifang Township/mountain 
1999/08/22Boeing MD11 B-150 (CI-642) at Hong Kong International Airport on 22 August 1999Boeing MD11Hong Kong/Hong Kong International Airport 
1999/08/24Uni Airways Flight 873 MD-90-30 cabin explosion and fire during landing roll Hua-Lien, TaiwanBoeing MD-90Hualien Airport/Hua-LienB7873eng.pdf
1999/09/02China Airlines Dynasty Training Two (DT2) 747SP ,Runway excursion after landingBoeing B747-SPTaiwan Taoyuan International Airport/CKS AirportDT2.pdf
1999/11/29Emerald Pacific Airlines B31007 UH12E Crash in water during airborne apraying of insecticide at kaoping stream, chishan, Kaohsiung countyHiller UH-12EKAOHSIUNG/river B31007eng.pdf
2000/04/24Far Eastern Air Transport Flight EF1201 MD-82 aircraft runway excursion incidentBoeing MD82Chiayi Airport/Chia-Yi Airport 
2000/05/08China Airlines Flight CI681 A300-600R the captain had suddenly incapacitation during flight.Airbus Industrie A300B4-600Rheading for Ho-chiming City/in the airCI681Eng.pdf
2000/05/08Daily Air B55531 Bell 430 the main rotor of the helicopter became snagged by cable stretching across the valley of Da Jia River AccidentBell Helicopter 430Taichung/field 
2000/08/24UNI Airways Flight 815 MD-90 Runway excursion after landing at rainy dayBoeing MD-90Kaohsiung International Airport/Kaohsiung International Airport 
2000/10/31Mandarin Airlines Flight AE838 737-800 land on runway 05L and run into the grass of the right hand side of the runway.Boeing B737-800Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport/CKS Airport