Closed Investigations

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Aircraft Model:
Date Title Aircraft Model Location Final Report
2000/04/24Far Eastern Air Transport Flight EF1201 MD-82 aircraft runway excursion incidentBoeing MD82Chiayi Airport/Chia-Yi Airport
1999/08/24Uni Airways Flight 873 MD-90-30 cabin explosion and fire during landing roll Hua-Lien, TaiwanBoeing MD-90Hualien Airport/Hua-LienB7873eng.pdf
2000/08/24UNI Airways Flight 815 MD-90 Runway excursion after landing at rainy dayBoeing MD-90Kaohsiung International Airport/Kaohsiung International Airport
2004/07/02EVA Airways Flight BR826 MD-90 ,had an excursion from the taxiway A when its landing roll and turn into taxiway ABoeing MD-90Kaohsiung International Airport/Kaohsiung International Airport
2005/09/02Uni Airways Flight B7 660 scraped its left wing tips on Runway 27 of Kaohsiung International Airport during first landing go around.Boeing MD-90Kaohsiung International Airport/Runway 27
2005/12/09Corporate Jets, Inc., operated BOMBARDIER BD700 Type Aircraft, Nationality mark & registration number N998AM, Runway Excursion at Kaohsiung International Airport On 09 December, 2005Bombardier BD700Kaohsiung International Airport/09 runwayN998AM_Report_en.pdf
2007/08/22Far Eastern Air Transport flight EF-185, during landing, touch down at outside of the runway then veer into runway.Boeing MD80Magong Airport/Runway 20
2009/02/04Uni Airways flight B7 652, Suffered Engine Fire Warning during TakeOffDE HAVILLAND Dash8-300Magong Airport/MaKong Aiprort
2002/07/08Far Eastern Transport Flight EF184 MD-83 took off,left main gear impacted one of the runway end lightsBoeing MD83Magong Airport/MaKung Airport
2012/08/17Mandarin Airlines Flight AE 369 OccurrenceEMBRAER ERJ-190Magong Airport/Runway