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On Going Investigations

Date Title Aircraft Model Location Status Interim Flight Safety Bulletin
2019/05/30China Airlines CI922 OccurrenceAirbus Industrie A330-302-/VHHH/HKG approx.ESE 87 nautical milesFactual Data gathering and Confirmation 
2019/05/02Mandarin Airlines Flight AE7931 OccurrenceAvions De Transport Regional ATR72-600-/Approximately 36 nm South of RCYU,2.3 nm from the coastline。Factual Data gathering and Confirmation 
2019/04/20Far Eastern Air Transport Flight FE3060 OccurrenceAvions De Transport Regional ATR72-600Taichung Airport/ runway 36Factual Data gathering and Confirmation 
2019/03/24Scoot Tigerair TR996 OccurrenceAirbus Industrie A320-232-/Near waypoint JAMMY, approximately 22 nm South west of RCTPFactual Data gathering and Confirmation 
2019/03/09China Airlines CI122 OccurrenceBoeing B747-400Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport/Analysis 
2019/01/270127 Ultra-light Vehicle OccurrenceUltra Light APCOPingtung County/Approximately 11 nm North Eest of RCSQFactual Data gathering and Confirmation 
2018/12/14China Airlines Flight CI6844 OccurrenceBoeing B747-400FTaiwan Taoyuan International Airport/O5L runwayAnalysis 
2018/07/02Far Eastern Air Transport Flight FE8026 OccurrenceBoeing MD827nm east from Runway28 of RCSS/Analysis