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Taiwan Aviation Occurrence Database

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Taiwan Aviation Occurrence Database


In "Chapter 8 - Accident Prevention Measures" of Annex 13, the International Civil Aviation Organization (hereinafter referred to as ICAO) provides that "A State shall establish and maintain an accident and incident database to facilitate the effective analysis of information on actual or potential safety deficiencies obtained, including that from its incident reporting systems, and to determine any preventive actions required". ICAO suggests that "The database systems should use standardized formats to facilitate data exchange", and encourages each state to build their database using "ICAO ADREP (Accident Incident Data Reporting) 2000 taxonomy".

Compared with the few states with more sufficient funding/ resources and ability to build/ maintain their own aviation safety databases, many countries usually face difficulties about maintenance and budget in the process of developing the accident / incident database system. In view of this, with the support from EU Parliament, the Joint Research Centre (hereinafter referred to as JRC) has developed European Coordination Centre for Accident / Incident Reporting System (hereinafter referred to as ECCAIRS) using "ADREP 2000 taxonomy," and according to ICAO specifications, provides the system for its member states to use it, and JRC is also responsible for the updates and maintenance o of the software. So far, the framework of ECCAIRS has almost been developed fully. The ICAO also encourage contracted states to use the ECCAIRS software to implement their safety database. At present, the aviation safety investigation agencies and civil aviation authorities in more than 100 countries worldwide using this system.

In 2000, ASC launched the ECCAIRS as the safety database framework to build "Taiwan Aviation Occurrence Database". So far the database includes all the aviation occurrences data of transport category aircraft, general aviation, public aircraft and ultra-light vehicles those were investigated or joined investigation by the ASC.