Subject:China Airlines CI025 Occurrence
Category:System/Component Failure or Malfunction(Non-Powerplant)(SCF-NP)
Date:2016/04/17Type:Boeing B737-800
Area:Outside Airport/in the air/Inflight about 150 nm north western from PGUM.Status:Closure

On April 17, 2016, China Airlines scheduled passenger transport flight CI025, a Boeing737-800 aircraft, registration number B-18609, took off from Guam Airport at 1355 Taipei time for Taoyuan Airport. There were 3 flight crew members, 10 cabin crew members and 109 passengers, totally 122 people on board. After the aircraft climbed up to an altitude of 37,000 feet, a caution message of Auto Fail/Unscheduled Pressurization Change showed up on cockpit instruments panel. The flight crew members performed manual control procedures according to Quick Reference Handbook. Due to the cabin altitude abnormal continually, flight crew members immediately performed emergency descent the aircraft returned and landed at Guam Airport safely.

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