Subject:Emerald Pacific Airlines B-31127 Occurrence
Category:Loss of Control-Inflight(LOC-I)
Date:2015/11/22Type:Bell Helicopter 206B3
Area:Outside Airport/-/Hills 8 nm SW of RCSSStatus:Closure

On November 22, 2015, at 1058 Taipei local time (0302 UTC), Emerald Pacific Airlines, a Bell 206B3 helicopter, bearing registration B-31127, was loss of control during washing insulators of power cables and crashed at a hill which is about 8 nautical miles southwest of Taipei Songshan Airport. B-31127 departed at 1042 local time with one pilot and one water cannon operator aboard from a temporary heliport in Linkou, the B-31127 hit the power cables after finishing the insulators cleaning from one transmission tower during maneuvering, the aircraft was destroyed and crew were killed. 

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