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Subject:Emerald Pacific Airlines B-31118 occurrence
Category:Controlled Flight Into or Toward Terrain(CFIT)
Date:2017/06/10Type:Bell Helicopter Bell-206B
Area:Outside Airport/Feng-Bin Township/Hualien CountyStatus:Closure

On June 10, 2017, an Emerald Pacific Airlines Bell-206B helicopter, national registration B-31118, took off at 1046 from Taitung for an aerial photography mission at Feng-Bin Township, Hualien County. At around 1220, the helicopter was loss of contact and crashed at Feng-Bin Township, Hualien County. One pilot and two aerial photographers aboard were killed.

Executive Summary:Attachments:
.PDFEmerald Pacific Airlines B-31118 occurrenceB-31118 Executive Summary.pdf
Preliminary Report:Attachments:
.PDFEmerald Pacific Airlines B-31118 occurrenceB-31118_Preliminary Report.pdf