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Investigation Laws & Regulations

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title: Aviation Occurrence Investigation Standard Operation Procedure
Download: sopeng.pdf
content: Aviation Safety Council (hereafter referred as ASC) was established in accordance with the Article 84 of the Republic of China Civil Aviation Law. ASC’s authority shall be independent of any other government authorities. ASC shall execute its authority independently, without being subject to any interference. CAA, as committed to the management of airworthiness or flight safety, must not hamper the investigation conducted by ASC. ASC shall focus on the identification, investigation and cause assessment of aircraft accident or serious incident on preventing the recurrence of similar accident or serious incident, rather than on dispensing penalty or pursuing responsibility.
Aviation occurrence Investigation Standard Operation Procedure (hereafter referred as the Procedure) was put into effective on April 1, 1999, as the guideline of ASC’s investigation operations. The Procedure will be revised when necessary to reflect the change of regulations relevant to civil aviation, the practical needs of investigation, and the comments from users.