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Subject: Suggestions to Taoyuan airport on adopting air traffic control measures for single runway operation
Time: 2013/12/03 Classification: ATC
Brief Description:

The reporter stated that in response to the single runway operation at Taoyuan Airport, the ATC has adopted many measures to increase the efficient use of the runway. For example, after an airplane had landed but not vacated from runway yet, another one waiting for takeoff could be allowed to taxi onto the runway. In addition, the ATC also demanded airplanes to use N5-N7 taxiways for vacating the runway in ATIS. If that cannot be done, the crew should inform the tower controller in the initial contact. The reporter thinks this measure is appropriate, but the size of airplane is not considered, because sometimes large airplanes cannot decelerate so fast yet use N5-N7 taxiways to leave the runway. Although the demand in ATIS is not mandatory, some flight crew may jam on the brake in order to meet the requirement of ATC. The reporter suggested that large airplanes should take N8 or N9, while small ones take N5-N7 taxiways correspondingly.

TACARE Office:

The Air Navigation and Weather Services (ANWS) stated that it has consulted the practice of foreign airports (such as Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, Hong Kong Airport, Auckland Airport) to determine the content of ATIS at Taoyuan Airport. It had sought the opinions of the flight operations departments of major airlines in advance, and most flight crew also agree that the relevant practices are indeed international aviation convention. The crew of any flight that cannot meet the requirement because of load or other reasons should inform the ATC about that in advance, so that they will have no difficult cooperating with the ATC. According to the observation form October 27 to now, the practice indeed has effectively increased the efficiency in the single runway operation at Taoyuan Airport.

The phrase in ATIS regarding this issue is “If unable, advise”. Just as the reporter said, it is not a mandatory practice. Flight crew can still make the best decision in accordance with their expertise, skill and judgment.

TACARE suggest the flight crew take the actual situation into consideration and choose appropriate taxiway to leave the runway safely, and encourage the airlines to widely publicize the practice.