::: TACARE Report


Subject: Flight crew’s response to flight causing fatigue
Time: 2013/10/30 Classification: Working-hour
Brief Description:

The reporter stated that some cargo flights of Company A was scheduled to take off from Taoyuan Airport at 2300, arrive at B airport in China, and then take off from B airport at 0400 and return to Taoyuan Airport at about 0600. Two flight crew members were dispatched to work for 8 hours 35 minutes. However, the crew members have been exhausted owing to the frequent delay. Many of them have written report to reflect the fatigue problem, and suggested the company should allow the crew to stay at B airport to reduce fatigue, but the company did not accept the suggestion or improved the situation. The reporter wishes Company A to pay attention to the value of the fatigue report.

TACARE Office:

Company A stated that after conducting a review of the related documents, it found that the average duty hour of the crew flying the said flight from November 1 to 12 is 8 hours and 50 minutes. There was no long delay except the frequent slight delay occurring at the airport in China. If special or abnormal situations arise in current practice, the Joint Management Center will take the initiative to inform the flight dispatch unit that additional crew members need to be dispatched.

Company A will continue to give attention to the said flight, and adjust the dispatch mode according to the practical situation of delay.